Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nineteen Years

once there was a boy named erik and a girl named becky.

his young life was filled with crutches, bruises and pain as he learned how to live with his bleeding disorder. her young life was carefree as she spent hours upon hours dreaming of the man she would someday marry.

he wondered if anyone would be willing to marry him because of his health problems. she happily dreamed about her future.

she was in high school. he was just home from his mission. she instantly fell in love. he liked her legs and her long hair. she dumped her high school boyfriend. he asked her on a date. she knew it was love.

he was afraid to tell her about his health problems. she dreamed of her wedding day. he worried. she loved this boy. he loved her so much he was afraid to lose her.

she kept hinting she wanted a ring. he got up the courage to tell her about his health concerns and what it would mean for the future. she tried to be strong and said they would deal with it together. he was so relieved.

she told her mom with tears streaming down her face and worry in her voice. he bought her a ring. she had to convince her parents everything would be ok. he asked her to marry him. she said yes.

he took her to the temple. she saw eternity in his eyes. he said he loved her. she cried and said she loved him too.

and she still does....

This love story began over 19 years ago. I have now had the pleasure of being married to this amazing man for exactly half of my life. 19 wonderful years of being his bride.

I am so thankful that he chose me. I am thankful that he is always encouraging me to live my dreams, that he lets me be who I am- and that he loves who that person is.

He listens to my worries and fears (and there are so many!) and patiently helps me work through them. He has been forgiving and understanding when the laundry hasn't been done, or dinner isn't on the table when he gets home, or the house isn't as clean as is should be- because he knows that this 'dream' of mine is taking up precious time that used to be filled with being a homemaker.

He is an amazing example of service, charity and compassion. He has the best sense of humor and is so fun to be around. He is a great dad, a wonderful brother, a considerate friend. He still lives with pain and worries, but he never complains or voices his concerns. He lives each day to the fullest and is an example to all who know and love him.

Happy 19th anniversary to you- my dear husband. It has been my honor to be by your side, to grow up with you, to learn life's lessons hand in hand with you and I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together- for the best is yet to come!


  1. I love this post. You two are an amazing couple and I love you both. Happy anniversary!

  2. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! This was a very fun post to read. I think the world of you both! Hope you are doing something fun to celebrate!

  3. I love hearing (reading) other people's love stories. Thanks for sharing your's with us. Happy Anniversary!

  4. What a great post! You are perfect together.