Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's over

As I sit here looking at these pictures, I cannot believe that I was standing on this beautiful sandy beach of California just a few hours ago.

The hot sun rays were pouring down on us, in fact I think I brought home a touch of a sunburn just to prove it, and the ocean was so calm. It was truly beautiful.

I wish I were back there....but alas, the vacation is over and it's back to reality.

My favorite parts of a vacation are:
the day we leave, I love the excitement in the air, all the unknowns of what is to come,
and getting to spend quality time with the people I love most.

My least favorite parts:
the piles of mail and laundry when it is over,
the messages on the answering machine that are waiting for a response,
and having to cook again- although by the end of a vacation aren't you just dying for a home cooked meal?

Now that it is over, I am so glad that I took way too many pictures. We have so many fun memories to hold us over until the next vacation comes our way.

There will be more to share as soon as the laundry is caught up and the messages have been returned. Until then....


  1. These pictures are just beautiful! Coming home from vacation is hard enough but then laundry rubs it in your face, "here's 7 loads of reality." :)

    So glad you had a good time!

  2. I love those pictures! I'm glad you got a chance to enjoy some sunny California air.

  3. Welcome home my friend, I missed you.