Saturday, January 22, 2011


And now what you have all been waiting for. I give you.....The Vacation.

Our vacation began by flying into Long Beach Airport.

It's such a cute little airport. (Emphasis on little.)

It has a lot of charm though. And the lines are really short!

Across the street from the airport, our rental car awaited us. When the kids and I saw it, our jaws dropped. What the? Are you serious? We are going to be driving around California in this all week? I think Erik was quite pleased. It was a cop car after all.

Just so we would never forget 'Bessie', or 'Clara', or 'Daisey' as it was lovingly called it over the next few days (Erik liked to say that he was driving Ms. Daisey), we took this picture.

If you can't tell, Ian is pretending to be handcuffed in the back. Don't you love it?

Ya, we drove in style, I tell you what.
I also have to include this picture that Erik took of me reading my Kindle. (This one's for you, Christy!) I brought it with me to Disneyland so that I would have something to do- other than people watching, which I totally adore- while the kids were on rides.
We met a lot of characters while in the park. Here are just a few....

But the biggest, and best characters we saw were the ones we traveled with. My sister, Terra, and her cute family. (Somehow the daddy's escaped this photo.) Oh and we also saw a few famous people....Stevie Wonder, Marie Osmond, and Sam (Jenette McCurdy) from iCarly.
This is a picture of the BEST meal Disneyland has to offer. Hands down.

The clam chowder bowl. Soooo good!

As we were leaving the park the last day, we took the famous 'Entrance Picture'.

Disneyland was awesome! The weather could not have been better....the lines were not too long....the company was fun to be with. But it had to come to an end- as all good things do.
The day we left, we stopped at Long Beach.

Taking off your shoes and putting your feet in the warm sand does a lot to lift your spirits- let me tell you!

There you have it. Disneyland 2011.

Magical for sure!


  1. Looks like so much fun. Especially the nice to see you guys in shorts!

    You took such beautiful, colorful photos. Love the sand photo too!

  2. *sigh* I just love Disneyland!

    That picture is Great! Glad you guys hsd such a good time.

  3. Because I was unclear... the picture I was referring to is the last one (although, they are all cute). ;)

  4. Oh my, I'm in love with that car. Are you sure you don't want one for yourself in Utah? You would rock that bad boy all over the WJ!

    Glad you had a great time!