Monday, December 20, 2010

The good things of December

Once upon a time.....

There was a mother who was very busy studying for finals. She was stressed to the max (her eye was twitching and everything), but she didn't want to look back on the month of December with only memories of studying and tests. So she made a plan. She would study hard during the day and in the evening she would drag her family out to make some fun memories.

And that is what she did.....

A visit to the Festival of Trees was the first on the list of 'must do's' that month. This was the first time the boys in her family had been to the Festival- and they loved every bit of it from the trees to the treats!

The gingerbread village was a favorite for sure!
Then what to our wondering eyes should appear?

Nicole got asked to go to Snowball by a boy she adores.
Of course she had the time of her life!
Next on the list was a spontaneous visit to Yogurtland! It's a must at least once a month. So tasty!
The night before finals, the family climbed on board Trax and away they flew to downtown Salt Lake to see the lights on Temple Square.
So festive!
So beautiful!
So colorful!
Then right in the middle of the month, Nicole decided to turn another year older. We celebrated with the most delicious chocolate cake ever!
And the BEST birthday party anyone could dream of.

Herod the should seriously book these guys for your Christmas party next year!
So with 25 of Nicole's closes friends, we clapped and tapped our toes and ate lots of sugary treats.
She even got her picture taken with the band. Awwww.
And now with only 10 days left in the month of December, what more fun things can we squeeze in? I can't wait to share it all with you!


  1. You were the one who inspired me years ago to plan a bunch of activities to do on December nights. It's the highlight of our season, so thank you!

    Glad your month is turning out well, especially the concert! What a fun birthday party idea!

  2. I love the "Once upon a time" beginging to this post. Very clever.

    I can't imagine what a relief it must be to be on this side of finals! Hurray!

  3. Great post, fun to see all the photos of everything you did all at once! It was fun to be a little part of it too. The concert was awesome!

  4. Oh days of being asked to dance by someone making a mess at your parents house. Good times! Looks like you guys have done lots of fun things!