Friday, September 17, 2010


Isaac is a determined boy. When he sets his mind to something- he stays focused on it until he has accomplished the task at hand.

Last week, he asked me what he could do to earn some money. Don't you love it when your kids ask you this question? Oh the possibilities!

I handed him a rag, a step stool, and the Windex and sent him off to clean six windows- inside and out!

When he was finished, I handed him a crisp $5 bill. He was thrilled!

I expected the next words out of his mouth to be, "Can we go to WalMart?"

Instead, he plopped himself down at the computer and logged on to a 'how to' video on YouTube. And what was it he wanted to learn?

How to do Money Origami.

And he has barely left the computer since. (I do send him off to school each day- just in case you are wondering.)

And since the day he discovered Money Origami, there is money laying around the house, folded into airplanes, animals, and many other shapes. Who knew dollar bills could be so entertaining to an 11 year old boy?

Yesterday, he expanded his use of raw product to include my printer paper- which I'm not as excited about.

But now he can create things like this.....and look! The original $5 bill! It has not been spent- (truly a miracle when it comes to Isaac) but it has been folded and refolded to the point that it will never lay flat again. Poor money.
But that's Isaac. He's mastered Money Origami and now it's off to something else. I'm only slightly afraid to see what it will be. :)

Have a great weekend!