Sunday, September 12, 2010

All That Is Left

It's the final moments before the sun sets on another lovely weekend. Each one passes too quickly for my likings. I begin the weekend with anticipation for the many possibilities that are before us. And when it is over, I am always a bit sad to see it end.

As we were eating dinner tonight, Isaac exclaimed, "Mom! You should take a picture of the dinner on my plate for your blog! You could talk about the awesome dinner we had tonight!" When he could see that just talking about our dinner was not quite enough he went on to say, "Someone should say something funny so Mom can have a reason to blog."

I didn't take the picture, but it got me thinking later, as I was cleaning up the dishes. As I looked at this plate with the crumbs all over it from the pie that Isaac had made, I decided that I needed to take the time to write before time has passed and I have forgotten what made life meaningful around here.

I have learned that it's much easier to write about the pie while it is in front of my face than to try to remember what it looked like by examining the crumbs on the plate.


  1. This post made me feel very reminiscent for some reason.

    Also, I love pie! :)

  2. Neat post! I totally feel the same way!