Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer means...

stinky, sweaty boys sitting close to me as we read another chapter of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

late night runs for movies and treats.

hundreds of tiny popped balloon pieces out on the lawn from water balloon fights.

mounds and mounds of laundry because outfits must be changed at least twice a day.

the words, "Mom, I'm bored" escaping the lips of a child or two daily.

trying to come up with something fun for them to do....yesterdays activity? Melting crayons over hot rocks just from the oven.

whining, arguing siblings because no one gets enough sleep.

sleeping in, eating at strange hours of the day, basically no schedule at all.

walks late at night after the sun goes down.

otter pops. So many otter pops.

a house full of friends. The record so far this summer? 11 little boys! Oy!

daily chore charts. And everyday the same question, "Do I have to do my chores today?" Umm. Yes.

a constant shortage of swimming towels. Must remember to buy more when they go on clearance.

lots of dinners cooked on the grill.

homemade smoothies.

so many trips to get a frozen yogurt.

sitting on the porch reading a novel.

fresh fruit.

sleeping with the windows open at night- there is nothing like fresh evening air!

glitter toes.

visiting with neighbors we haven't seen since last year.

worrying that summer is going by too fast.

hating the thought that before I know it, we will be back on a schedule, doing homework, and putting the flip flops away.


  1. Is that my summer, or yours?? ;-)

  2. Sounds so good! Especially the novel part & frozen yogurt.

    The part I can relate to right now though is the whining cause no one gets enough true!