Monday, July 19, 2010

Clean Fun

I was shopping at WalMart the other day walking down the shaving isle....razors, razors, razors, shaving cream. Shaving cream. It was only $1.12 a can. My mind started spinning. Oh what fun my boys could have with a can of shaving cream.

So I give you, "How to Make Your Children Smile for Just a Little Over $1"

See! Smiling already.
The first thing you must do is set the cans out on the counter for a few days. It drives them crazy. "What is that for?" they ask. "An activity" I tell them. Their eyes begin to shine as they try to figure out what I could possibly mean.

You should have seen their faces when I handed them the cans of shaving cream and told them to "go for it". It was awesome!
It didn't take them too long to get into it either. Before I knew it, balls of shaving cream were being thrown like snowballs across the backyard.
My two boys quickly became little Stay Puff marshmallow men.
It was war for sure!
Now this picture should be on an ad for Barbasol, don't you think? I agree.
The best part of the whole activity for me, I must admit, was the end. I got to spray them off with the hose.

A can of Barbasol, $1.12.

An afternoon of pure, messy fun. Priceless.

Bonus: Your kids will smell really good when all is said and done. :) I just hope we didn't kill the grass.


  1. That is AWESOME! We WILL be trying this!

  2. How fun! You are just about the coolest mom ever! I wouldn't have even thought of that. It looks like so much fun!

  3. BRILLIANT! That last photo is my favorite. They are really selling the idea there. ;)

  4. Oooo, I want to live in your family for the summer!

  5. We clean the tables with shaving cream all the time...but it sure is a bugger to get out of little kids hair!! :)