Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sweet Sixteen part 2

We took her to one of our favorite restaurants, Five Alls, for a 5 course dinner. Drinking out of the pewter goblets was the big hit of the night!

Isn't it cool that I have pictures of her first date? And that I can put them all over my blog?
After singing her a stirring rendition of, 'Happy Birthday' she ate her parfait and then we dashed back home for
cake and ice cream with her brothers, grandpa, and uncle who were all anxious for her to arrive!

It was a wonderful day full of great memories. She kept saying she didn't want the day to end. How sweet is that? She said it didn't feel like a birthday but more like a celebration that she can now date. Funny.

Happy Sweet Sixteen to my favorite daughter!!!! I love you!


  1. What a neat first date & so great that you have photos of it. I honestly can't even remember mine. Ok well wait maybe I can but it wasn't really all that great.

  2. Oh I am sure she loves all the attention!! I need to check out that resturant...I have never been there...but it sure does look fun. Maybe since Zach's bday is coming up we should check it out!! And thanks for the nice compliments on the are so nice. I really do enjoy it tons!! :)

  3. How FUN! What a lucky girl!