Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm gonna soak up the sun....

I am sitting on my front porch, listening to the soft sounds of piano music as my daughter plays in the house.  It's so peaceful and quiet, and warm.  It's the sunshine and the warmth that have brought me out here today.

I know it's not going to be around much longer and so I feel guilty sitting inside when there's good sunshine to be had.  And I need sunshine.  I just need it.

I was shopping in my happy place the other day when the reality of it all hit me.  Christmas decorations were everywhere.  (I am ashamed to say that I even bought a few.) Summer is over.

Next weekend is conference weekend.  For me, that always marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall, which is always too short for my likings.  Winter is on its way.  And that makes me just a little bit sad.  No, it makes me a lot sad.  It has been a good summer.  It never seems to be long enough.  And winter seems to last forever.

So I am not going to waste a minute of what's left.  I am going to sit on this front porch everyday for the next 2 days- for then it hits.  The dreaded 50's.  And it looks like they will be here to stay for awhile.

Dang it.

photo courtesy of Nicole


  1. This made me just want to go out & sit in the sun for a while. I should really do that.