Thursday, August 2, 2012


I'm a football mom now.  Was kinda forced into it, but I'm starting to get the hang of it.  Let's start at the very beginning, shall we?

Erik and Ian decided Ian should play tackle football this year.  I had my reservations, but finally agreed.  Erik left out of town.  Mom was left to sign him up.  No big deal right?
Um, BIG DEAL.  Very big deal. 
If it had just been the sign up, I would have been OK.  But these boys were required to have things such as: mouth guards, water thermos, a CUP!, chin strap for their helmet, cleats- all things that I have never in my life picked out or bought before!  (Well, yes, I have purchased a water thermos before- but I didn't know he needed one until AFTER the first day of practice and by then, you can't find ANYTHING football related in any of the sporting goods stores near our home so it took me forever to gather it and all of these other things.)
 Here's a pic from the first day- I think there have to be about 85 little Gremlins out there!
Then there was the uniform.  This was another event in and of itself.  After practice one day, we were to meet at "the shed" to be fitted for his uniform (is that even what you call it?).  I was surrounded, once again, buy about 70 or so dad's and sons (mom's are a minority at things like this I am learning).
I have learned a few other things too- that football has it's own lingo, and politics, and smell!

The good news in all of this is that I have dear friends who have lived this football life that I now find myself in.  And they took pity on me and taught Ian and I how to put all that gear on (where the pads go in the pants, how to put the chin strap on the helmet, and HOW to put on that blasted helmet, that thing is tight!  And let's not forget the cup!  That took it's own segment of explaining.  I don't know how guys walk around with those things!)

Needless to day, Ian and I have almost made it through the first week of football tryouts.  He has one or so more days and then he'll be put on a team with his own coach and then we will be able to sit back and enjoy!  
Just in time for Erik to get home.  

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  1. Ahhhh, this post made me smile and miss little league all at the same time!