Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Being Loved

Ian's note of warning: "This is a dandelion. Not a drink for anybody. This is a drink for the dandelion."
And just to be sure there is no confusion as to who this floating bloom is for: "For mom. Only for mom. Love from Ian M."

All it takes is a 'not feeling so well' mama to bring out the oh-so-sweet side of my boys.

I must have eaten something that didn't agree with my stomach yesterday because last night it hit me. As I lay on my bed, hand on my stomach, one by one my boys came into my room.

"You're not feeling well?" Ian asked.

"Not so well." I said.

He crawled up next to me and gave me a sweet kiss on my cheek.

His kisses are the best.
They are a little bit wet, but very soft.
And they don't happen very often, so when they do you have to notice and treasure each one.

A few minutes later, Isaac came into my room.

"Are you sick mom?" he asked.

"I think so buddy. My stomach doesn't feel well." I said

"Do you need a bucket?" he asked.

"No I think I can make it to the bathroom if I need to." I said.

Then he proceeded to share with me how he knows when he is about to throw up- hoping that it would help me in some way too.

And in some strange way it did. I think it was the concern in his voice and the fact that he cared enough to share with me in his own way that he has been there and knows how I'm feeling. That always makes you feel better, doesn't it? Knowing you are not alone in your suffering. That someone has been there too and survived?

Erik was just as sweet. He put the boys to bed and then let me lay on his lap for a few minutes. As soon as he could tell I was getting sleepy, he quietly told me goodnight and whispered that he hoped I felt better in the morning.

The morning is here, and I do feel better. As each of my boys greet me this morning, the same look of concern is on their faces as they wait to see if I am feeling well or not.

It's moments like these that make me feel loved. It's not often that my boys are so sweet and lovey. It's moments like these that ease my fears of what life will be like once Nicole is grown and gone and has left me with a house full of boys.

It's a silly fear, I know. But the reality of it hit me awhile back when I realized she will be eighteen this year. She will be off on her own before I know it and the thought of her leaving our little nest causes my throat to tighten and tears to come to my eyes.

But it's going to be alright. I'm going to be well taken care of. I have my boys to look after me and love me when I'm not feeling well.

And she will be a phone call away just as she was this morning, when she called from St. George to say good morning.


  1. So sweet! I loved this, and I'm glad you're feeling better!

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well. I loved reading this post. So very sweet.

  3. Awww! That is so sweet! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. You have some really sweet boys! Get better soon! Love ya!

  4. You are a lucky mom!

    P.S. Can my boys come take lessons from your boys?